Electronic Shelf Labels Retail

Electronic Shelf Labels Retail

Electronic shelf labels are not just a tool for quickly changing a product price in-store. In fact, digital shelf labels are part of the much wider digitalisation of retail stores. They are one of the little-known secrets to driving greater efficiency with applications from replenishment, to click and collect. It is critical for the success of stores to constantly work towards improving their productivity by increasing the efficiency of employees as well as sales on the shop floor.

This doesn’t only affect internal efficiency but with the built-in NFC chip, consumers can interact with the ESL tag to get more product information through their mobile phones. This helps retail stores market the products better to the consumers.


Frequency price changes and seasonal promotions are most common in supermarkets. The process of printing out new paper tags, replacing them and removing the old ones is said to be the most stressful process for them as it involves a lot of paper usage and human resources. What’s more, a lot of errors occur during the updating.

With cloud electronic shelf labels, those problems are wiped off immediately. Fresh-food stores evolve into a more welcoming environment with clean and tidy merchandising basic, and smart labels to improve sales performance in a sustainable way.


Same as supermarkets, pharmacy stores come with a lot of promotions. Digital shelf labels in pharmacies minimise the maintenance effort and allow for quick adjustments of prices to online trade or the pharmacy’s own online shop. This leaves more time for staff to provide intensive customer advice.

For pharmacy stores, there is a lot more information to display on the price tag that traditional paper tags don’t offer. With ESL built-in NFC chip, consumers can interact with the ESL tag to get more product information through their mobile phone.


For electronics stores, everything is about technology. — that’s why paper tags don’t belong there anymore. With electronic labels, your electronics store is at the cutting edge of digital development. You control all information centrally from one location and minimise misinformation to a minimum. Using ESLs will upgrade your product brand through this new technology.

Same as pharmacy stores, electronic products have many information that needs to be displayed. With ESL, it is such a progressive step for electronic shop owners to display plenty of specifications within seconds. And it’s so much easier for customers to choose and buy from similar models of different functionality.


Our smart warehouse solution automates all materials and supplies as well as operations in the warehouse. This helps employees reduce mistakes because of clear prints and accurate records updating. It enables improvement in work efficiency and achieve information management as well as visualization management.


The rise of smart offices is based on the global carbon emission reduction policy environment. This and the popularization of mature applications of 5G, AI, IoT and other technologies, these innovations have also greatly promoted the development of smart office demand.

Smart office is redefining the traditional office with the help of new generation information technology and realize the seamless connection between office space and intelligent products. Just imagine the great improvement of efficiency in space, energy and time.

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