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Electronic Shelf Labeling Australia

WHAT IS AN Electronic Shelf Label?

Electronic Shelf Label features anti-collision, dust-proof, and water-proof, easy-to-use enterprise-grade software and cloud solution. It is the most cost-effective digital shelf label solution to accelerate the digitisation of physical commerce that grants pricing automation and enhances the shopper experience.

Not limited to the above standard models, we can customize our digital label with different colours and different styles according to your business needs. 

Product Gallery

5 - 10 Years Battery Life

Ultra-Fast Update Speed

High Durability


Customisable Design

Efficient Operation

ESL Gateway ( Access Point )

High Capacity

Superior Coverage

Easy Installation

Safety & Stability

ESL Accessories - Electronic Shelf Labeling Australia


These rails are best used with ESL displayed at the shelf data strip, metal tube shelf edge and wire edge hooker.

Hanging Kits

These hanging kits can be in vertical or horizontal and used for hanging double-side ESL.

Table Stand

ESL table stands are made with PC plastic that varies in height and shape that can be used for different display scenarios.

Vertical Clip

Vertical clips come in two variations that can be used for either metal hangers or shelves.

Peg Hook

Peg hooks are ESL accessories are made of PC plastic material that have adjustable angle functions.


Clamps are for ESL clips, holding on basket and shelf edge and has a rotatable function.



Wireless RF Communication

Smart Cloud

Ultra-Low Power

Yalatech products have been utilizing wireless communication technology for over 10 years. This makes use of 2.4G technology to ensure that communications are secure, seamless and uninterrupted. This technology also allows the ESL & base station to connect automatically. For non-base stations, the devices use NFC & Bluetooth to connect to a mobile phone that provides the same efficient connectivity.

All Yalatech products work with the SaaS architecture cloud platform that has high reliability, stability, safety, efficiency, compatibility and extensibility.

Our products are guaranteed to last 10 years because of its powerful battery life. The products have a smart algorithm that efficiently and effectively saves power. This algorithm lets the device sleep and wake which increases battery life by more than 50%. The same algorithm also has image compression that compresses images to 70-75% without compromising display quality. This compression saves more power for ESLs.

Featured Products

How The ESL Cloud Platform Works

electronic shelf labeling australia

SaaS Architecture Cloud Platform

Our cloud platform is simple, powerful and quick to deploy. Our All-In-One Gateway delivers secure, highly scalable solutions for small business or enterprise-level applications.

With the web portal, you can quickly and easily upload product data, change prices, create new designs and associate tags with actual products in your store.

Worldwide Coverage

Unlimited Stores Support

Enterprise-grade reliability

128 Bit AES Encryption

Full Scalable Server Capacity

With API for Easy Integration

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