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Electronic Shelf Labeling

Electronic Shelf Labeling

Our electronic shelf labels (ESLs) automatically change product prices and avoid mislabelling to make sure prices are correct and up-to-date.

NFC Electronic Shelf Labels

These are electronic shelf labels (ESLs) with NFC technology for small businesses that are easy to implement with low start-up cost.

E-Paper Display Signages

E-paper signs are being used widely. They are most commonly used in reception, meeting room, workspace, meeting signage and many more.

5 - 10 Years Battery Life

Ultra-Fast Update Speed

High Durability


Customisable Design

Efficient Operation

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Save On Labor Cost

With our ESL products, you can allocate your employees’ time to other tasks and promote more productivity within the workplace.

Easy Price Management

Our ESL product synchronize price and product information in real-time. With this technology, managing your product prices will be a breeze.

Easy Stock Management

Our ESL product synchronize online & offline information as long as it’s connected to the ERP. This means your stocks’ status will automatically be updated.

interactive marketing​

Our ESL products make use of customized QR codes and NFC technology which your customers can interact with.

Better Store Brand Upgrade

Our innovative products have a sleek design and improve the image of physical stores. Installing these digital labels would make your premises look sophisticated and high-end.

And more …

Our ESL products offer more benefits and functions that fit your business needs. Talk to our specialist today for more information.

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ESL products are not just used for display purposes. They also play an important role in smart marketing. The advanced technology used in ESLs provides relevant information about the products through QR codes and website links allowing your business to give more information about the product and provides an interactive experience for customers also. In addition, ESLs improve the overall visual impact of any product or space they are being used in resulting in a more positive brand image that stays with customers long after they leave.

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